• Professional 3D and 2D technical layout drawings.

  • 3D componentry design and library items.

  • Accurate hydraulic irrigation system designs.

  • All according to the industry code of practice.

Is Water Waste Draining Profits?

  • Struggling Crops

    Poorly designed irrigation systems can lead to lower yields due to uneven water distribution. This can not only affect crop quality and quantity, but also increase water usage and energy costs.

  • Unnecessary Costs

    Poorly designed irrigation systems with no clear installation plan can lead to unnecessary high capital costs, as it may require additional repairs, replacements, and/or modifications.

  • Growers Are Already Busy

    Poorly designed irrigation systems can cost growers valuable time and effort, as they may have to spend more time monitoring and adjusting the system to ensure proper water distribution.

Let Madeway Help You Find The Right Solution


15 Years Of Expertise In Technical Design Software

With 15 years of technical drawing experience the design process has come quick and accurate.


Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation System Design

9 years of irrigation design experience in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture industries.


Highly Efficient Hydroponic System Design

Knowledge acquired in The Netherlands and implemented in New Zealand.